Hunting and Gathering

Hello! Welcome to A Foxy Stitchalong. Step 1 – Hunting and Gathering your tools and materials.

Get your hands on your own screen printed pencil case made with love by Mum and I when you purchase the inky stitches kit.

This is where I take you through what I personally favour when it comes to stitching. All of these things can be purchased from stores and I encourage you to go forth and spread your Cottage Garden Threads love around. You do not have to purchase them from me to take part in this stitchalong, you may like to support your local stockists. I will however, have all of these products available to order and post out to you. Details on how to order are at the end of post.

This is what I use and why I love to use it.

  1. Cottage Garden Threads


Cottage Garden Threads deserve a whole post of their own but all you need to know for now is that they are the bees knees and the reason you’ve fallen head over heels for the fox. To use anything else would be like cheating and you wouldn’t want to break his heart now would you? I have put together 9 colour looks to choose from and stitched out a sample from the fox.  As hard as it is to choose just one, don’t worry, you can use all the other ones on your next projects. Prioritise which you like from 1-9 (like voting but way funner and no one ambushing you with leaflets).

(Shabby Chic colourway is missing but you can see the threads here)


  1. Enchanted Forest.

enchanted forest

THEE book. This is a MUST for this stitchalong, I only have one rule and this is it. Whether you purchase from me or a book shop or wherever, you must have your very own copy and if I find out otherwise I will have to put my Mum voice on. Johanna has been so kind and generous to allow me the opportunity to share this stitchalong with you and without her permission, it wouldn’t be happening. Look at moi, look at moi, I’ve got one word to say to you. Buy. The. Book. (Apologies to any of my international friends, but if you would like more information on that iconic Australian reference go here Look at moi)

3. Hoop and Snips

hoop and scissors

Thread snips are handy little things for speedy snipping, just grab and squeeze to snip. Sometimes I have trouble with teeny little embroidery scissors because I have abnormally disproportionate thumbs and can’t get them in the dainty little handles. This is not an exaggeration, I had to have fake big toe nails put on my thumb nails for my wedding because there were no finger nails big enough! But as well as weirdly wide, they are very short too. This brings me to hoops, I use a 5” hoop so my little thumbs can reach the center and it’s easy enough to hold in one hand. I also like a smaller hoop because I like to stitch on taught fabric and I find a smaller hoop does this better. These hoops are made of very good quality wood which is finished well and won’t splinter or crack so there is no need to wrap them with fabric strips before using. I keep cheaper hoops for displaying finished work and spend my time stitching with good quality.

(I have removed the snips from the kit as I am unhappy with the last lot I purchased and am looking for a better supplier)

  1. Needles


Again, quality! I use an embroidery needle (sounds pretty obvious but an embroidery needle has a nice long eye, rather than a shorter eye like that of a sharp) I prefer a size 10 or 11 which is quite fine and small. I’m going to show you how to thread a needle the easy way, yes there is more than one way to thread a needle.

  1. Background Fabric and Weaveline

background fabrics

A good quality background fabric will not shrink when washed and will last the test of time. It also feels good and stitches well. You will need a fat ¼ of a quilters cotton background fabric and another scrap about half the size for a scribble cloth. Weaveline is a woven fusible (iron on) stabilizer for the back of your stitchery fabric. I don’t use anything else because the feeling of those interfacing like ones give me the heebie jeebies when the rough skin on my fingertips catch. Like cotton wool and kitchen carpet. YUCK! Apart from that, it holds nicely and doesn’t make your stitching puff up.

6. Liberty Fabric


This comes into play a little later in the game, along with the other things you’ll need to make the cushion (I have to keep something up my sleeve to keep you in suspenders). Liberty to me is like a really fine wine to a wine person. I don’t like wine, and I don’t understand the appeal but I’m taking a guess that if I did, I would really, really love fine wine. I really, really love liberty.

7. Pen


Pen. This is a zig millennium .25 brown pigma pen. It will not wash off, bleed or fade. The tip is nice and fine but not too fine as to snag the fabric when tracing. Brown is much better to cover than black. I do not like blue wash out pens Sam I am. They have their place in quilting but not in my hoop!

optional – light pad


There is one other thing I could not live without and it’s my LED light pad for tracing. I love that it’s slim line and super bright! They are an investment but well worth it if you are serious about getting your stitch on. They are usually $140 A4 and $190 A3 But I am currently out of stock.


Enchanted Forest $20.00

Cottage Garden Threads x 8 $56.00 or $7.00 each

5″ hoop $13.00

Bohin size 10 needles $5.00

1/2 meter weaveline $8.50

1/2 meter background fabric $8.00

Zig Millenium .25 pigma pen $5.00

Full kit (not including light pad) – $115.50 but because I’m so excited about this whole caper I’m going to give it to you for $99 (or nointy noin for those of you with Kath Day-Night’s voice stuck in your head)

postage will be calculated depending on your order. Please allow 14 days for delivery.

How it works – go here and let me know what you’d like to order, what country you are in and if you would like regular or express post. I will send you a paypal invoice or let you know the bank details for direct deposit.

Then Bippity Boppity Boop, you will get a delightful parcel in the mail.














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