Fresh Modern

Stick a succulent in a vintage pyrex dish, suspend it in a macrame basket and wal-ah you have the mid century modern inspired – Fresh Modern. It’s a zesty take on retro with a lot less shag carpet.

photo credits L to R:  painting succulents ice creams


Fresh modern thread and sample

Fresh Modern Threads

*Coral Cove No.1

*Chinese Lantern No. 1

2202 Tutu

2401 Hatchling

803 Pea Soup

1202 Dark Yew

312 Butter Bean

309 Wattle Blossom

*These threads are from the Stitchers Palette pack which is usually sold as a set of 4. They can be ordered especially for this kit as individual threads because I know people in high places. It just means that you won’t find them on the shelf at your local CGT stockist, they will need to order them in for you.

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