Mud Pie

No matter where we are on earth, we all have the same thing under our feet. From sandy loams, sticky clays to silty soils. They all make mud pies and if you’ve never squelched mud through your fingers and felt at one with nature, I urge you to grab the nearest child for guise (borrow one if you don’t own one, I have a few) and go outside, find the nearest patch of bare earth and make a big fat mud pie. It’s therapeutic. You know what else is therapeutic, stitching. Channel your inner mud squelching child with the Mud Pie colour way and there will be no need to explain to the neighbours why you’re interfering with the pot plants.

Images found on Pinterest: spools gemstone suitcases 

Mud Pie thread and sample

Mud Pie

305 Gumnut

313 Compost

1902 Sandstone

1903 Marble

1904 Pebble

1906 Clay

315 Tea Party

307 Dandelion

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