Shabby Chic

Here we are at the tail end of the colour ways and what a pretty tail end we have. Like the cottontail on a sweet little bunny, these colours are adorably soft.

Have you decided which fox you’re going to stitch? I hope I’ve made it a little easier for you to decide or maybe you’ve made your own selections from the 222 CGT colour range.

Images found on pinterest: pretty things jars teacups

The stitched sample of Shabby Chic is almost ready but I wanted to show you all of the options now, just in case you need to see them all before you decide which colours you’d like to stitch with.

Shabby Chic crop

Shabby Chic.jpg

805 Tea Rose

1101 Apricot Ice

905 Lambs Ear

2201 Tinkerbell

2206 Snowdrop

800 Sage

109 Katie’s Blush

2101 Bluebell

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