It’s no secret that I am completely biased when it comes to thread choice. I’m sure those threads of CGT that strangely disappear while I’m stitching have found their way into my system and bonded to the strands of my DNA. Or, they are most likely stuck to my bum. Either way, they are a part of me and I like to think I’m a big part of Cottage Garden Threads too. What began as my Mum’s baby has now become mine too. In a completely non incesty kind of way.

We make a great team, my Mum and I. She is grounded, determined, like a tree taking root and holding firm against the wind blowing in all directions. No matter what threatens to blow her down, she stands strong and continues to grow. I am a bit of a dreamer, a thinker, the seeds of the tree that catch the wind and flit about here and there seeking new ground and new ideas, only possible because I am let free to be carried away by inspiration.

Whenever you thread your needle with CGT, know that you are stitching with strands of pure love. The kind of immeasurable love that exists between a Mother and a daughter. Even when the winds are inspiring change and the tree doesn’t like change very much.

So if you haven’t yet stitched with CGT, get some in your needle and feel the love.

Here is a little clip detailing some of the features of CGT and how to use the nifty packaging.


One thought on “CGT

  1. Linda Pratt says:

    I soooo love Cottage Garden Threads. Have been using them for a couple of years now & they are second to none. Just gorgeous.
    I am doing The Splendid Sampler & only using CGT’s for any embroidery in the blocks.
    I recommend CGT’s to every one I know.



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