Colour No.1

I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for some real action. So here we go…

This stitch-along is broken down into 8 parts, one for each colour thread. Stitch tutorials will be a separate reference for you to use so you won’t have to watch them repeatedly. You may already know the stitches and just need to know what goes where. Stitch tutorials can be found here.

I recommend that you have a scribble cloth to practice and experiment with stitches, especially if you go on to stitch other colouring book illustrations that you don’t have a direct visual reference for stitch placement. You won’t have to undo nearly as much stitching with a scribble cloth because if the stitch doesn’t work out the way you though it would, you just move on. The scribble cloth should have weaveline as well and this is why I provide two fat quarters of fabric and a half metre of weaveline. Enough for your fox and enough for a scribble cloth.

Each colour from the nine colourways has a corresponding number. The first colour we will be stitching with from each of the colourways is as follows:

Rainbow bright – 610 Red hot poker

Rainbow pastel – 2202 Tutu

Fresh modern – Chinese lantern No.1

On trend – 1104 Sweet Melon

Shabby Chic – 2101 Bluebell

Mud pie – 1906 Clay

Jewel – Zinnia No.1

Aubergine – 411 Grand Ridge

Rainforest – 310 Carrot Seed

Before we get started stitching, I have made a little video on how I thread a needle. I know, I know it sounds silly that you might need a video on how to thread a needle but, you may not even know there is another way.

Then there is the knot my Mum taught me. It probably has a proper name but it will forever be known to me as ‘the one Mum taught me’.

We are going to start off at the foxes nose with stem stitch up and over his forehead to his ear. Stem stitch is detailed in the stitch tutorial here, along with encroaching stem which I have used to fill the solid lines. With each of the solid filled lines, I began stitching at the pointy end, merging from stem into encroaching stem. Not all of the lines are filled, some are only outlined with the fine line of stem stitch. The only other stitch used here is french knot dots (the tutorial for french knots will be added shortly, the kids have been sharing their bugs with me and I’ve come down with a nasty throat) . These french knots are made with a single wrap.


colour no 1 close up cx.jpg

The legs are stitched with stem  stitch as well. The claws are satin stitch which is similar to encroaching stem, just stitched straight up and down rather than on an angle. I will be making a tutorial on Satin stitch when it comes into play a little more. If you are not confident with satin stitch, just leave the claws for now.


colour no 1 close up b



The curve of his leg is stitched with stem stitch that transitions into encroaching stem as the line widens. The back legs are stitched the same as the front legs.


The tail outline is stitched with stem stitch. The diagonal line details at the top are stitched with single stitch. The french knots on the left are single wrap french knots and the french knots on the right are double wrapped.


colour no 1 close up a

Happy Stitching

Xx Katie

10 thoughts on “Colour No.1

  1. Linda Pratt says:

    Hi Katie, I love what you’re doing here. Haven’t caught up yet but wanted to ask how you do encroaching stem stitch? I’ve never heard of it & can’t find it in my stitch book. Do you still do it like stem stitch only wider? Thanks for your help.


  2. Rosemary says:

    Hi Katie I just pressed the link above to check out your tutorials but is asks for a e-mail and pass word. Do I get the pass word from you?


      • Rosemary says:

        Hi Katie
        It is probably me, I have never used word press, it might be that you need to sent up a account to use. I will try and see how it goes.


  3. Janine says:

    Good evening Katie,

    I have just finished my first colour yay… I am forever grateful for you sharing your amazing talents with us… Thank you, I am really enjoying the challenge. Love your work… Xo


  4. laurenschulze2 says:

    Just wondering, how many strands do you thread onto your needle at a time? I’m not sure if I missed this somewhere, sorry!


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