Colour No. 4

Hello Foxy people! We have reached the half way point with colour number four of eight. I hope you’re liking the additions of the super close up shots. I really don’t have anywhere to hide now, you can see it all, every stitch.

No.4 colours

Rainbow bright –1602 Cocoon

Rainbow pastel – 208 Lettuce Leaf

Fresh modern – 1202 Dark Yew

On trend – 709 Tool Shed

Shabby Chic – 805 Tea Rose

Mud pie – 305 Gumnut

Jewel – 1206 Lyrebird Walk

Aubergine – 904 Hellebore

Rainforest – 1206 Lyrebird Walk

Colour No.4 begins with this leaf, stitched with stem stitch outline and spine. The diagonal vein lines are a small backstitch and the dot details are french knots with two wraps. On second thought, I went back and stitched the stem of the leaf with stem stitch also.

colour 4 bcolour no 4 close up a

As with the previous leaves, the outlines are stem stitched and the diagonal vein lines are backstitched, the only difference being the second line of stem around the outline of each leaf.

colour 4 acolour no 2 close up b

Colour No.4 finishes off with simple backstitch on this row of leaves. It’s a small backstitch but not teeny tiny in comparison to the veins in the colour No.2 leaves you see in this photo.

colour 4 ccolour 4 close up c

Happy Stitching

Xx Katie

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