Colour No.5

Hello foxy people! Can you believe we’re already up to colour number 5?!? Our foxes are really starting to come alive as each colour is stitched. I love it when I get to unravel a new colour, it’s like the fresh page of a notebook.

No.5 colours

Rainbow bright –1606 Butterfly

Rainbow pastel –2105 Chicory

Fresh modern – 2202 Tutu

On trend – 317 Smoke Bush

Shabby Chic – 109 Katies Blush

Mud pie – 1904 Pebble

Jewel – 416 Water Wheel

Aubergine – 914 African Violet

Rainforest – 416 Water Wheel


There are three places we stitch with colour number 5. The first is this little bunch of leaves on the tail. This is all stitched with the familiar stem stitch. In order to get that sharp point at the tip of the leaf, pass your needle to the back of the fabric right on the tip of the point and turn your work over. Take a little stitch through the back of the last stitch before going back through to the front of your work in the same stitch hole you made coming through to the back. This will anchor your stitch and allow you to pivot the stem stitch without it just popping out.

colour 5 acolour 5 a close up

The second spot we use colour number 5 is on this other bunch of leaves. The outline of the leaves and the stem is stitched with chain stitch. This is a stitch we haven’t used yet in the stitch-along and I really wanted to have my video ready to pop up with this post but it isn’t quite ready to go. Rather than keeping you in suspenders for too much longer I’ve had a quick looksie and I’m going to borrow a tutorial from a great website called Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials. . So now I.O.U three tutorials – French knots, satin stitch and chain stitch.

colour 5 bcolour 5 b close up

The final spot for colour number 5 is this lovely leaf. This is all stitched in chain stitch with the exception of the little stitch that creates the point on the line. This is just a little straight stitch as a chain stitch would be too bulky here.

colour 5 ccolour 5 c close up

Happy stitching and see you soon for those video tutorials!

2 thoughts on “Colour No.5

  1. Judy Maier says:

    Hi Katie I’m so excited to get started. I met you at the Perth Craft Show and my payment was processed on 11/8. I know I’m patient but I was wondering if you’ve posted my kit yet?

    Judy Maier

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