Colour No. 6

Hello foxy people!

We celebrated Dottie’s first birthday this week with a little party (the great thing about having 5 kids is that you really don’t have to invite many extra people, just add balloons and cake, instant party . Which may explain why my house is in a constant state of party aftermath)

We also celebrated my husband – Damien’s second consecutive grand final win for the Warragul Industrials Reserve side. This was his last season before hanging up the boots for good as our two boys move up through the years with their footy. Isn’t he such a good father, making sacrifices for his children,  but all us footy wives (otherwise know as Mrs – whatever your husbands nickname is)  know there comes the time when too old, too sore beats the game. We nod and agree like we haven’t been telling him the same thing for about three years. Good idea, honey.

Here he is, bottom left. Such a civilised bunch, reminds me of when I nail satin stitch without having to redo any stitches.


I hope your week has been filled with celebrations too. Any small win should be celebrated. Got the washing hung out before ‘wet basket’ smell set in? Fist pump to that! Got through the week without wearing anything inside out, woohoo!

Here’s to celebrating any amount of stitching time!

No.6 colours

Rainbow bright –1301 Rosalie

Rainbow pastel –312 Butterbean

Fresh modern – 309 Wattle Blossom

On trend – 807 Silver Birch

Shabby Chic –905 Lambs Ear

Mud pie – 313 Compost

Jewel – 307 Dandelion

Aubergine – 807 Silver Birch

Rainforest – No.1 Lichin

Colour number 6 starts with the first leaf on the tail. This entire leaf is stitched with chain stitch.


Moving on to the far right side of the fox with more of the encroaching stem you used in colour number one. The single lines are regular stem stitch. There is a few french knots here as well, stitched with two wraps of the needle.


The last position of colour number 6 is in this cute leaf on the fox’s back. This leaf is a combination of chain stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the centre line and satin stitch for the solid details.



Happy stitching.

xx Mrs. Dawso