Colour No.7

Hello Foxy people!

I’ve got a spiffy new phone which is taking really lovely close up photos – I have nowhere to hide. You are seeing my stitching in all it’s naked glory. Every missaligned, uneven stitch which just goes to show, it’s not all about achieving perfect stitches. What is that quote about the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts? I bet you fell in love with the fox as a whole, not each stitch. So next time you are hard on yourself about your stitching, just remember that no one is going to judge your stitching, they are going to fall in love with your piece as a whole and if they do judge you, tell that Judgy Mcjudgypants to come and see me and I’ll half remember someone elses quote and put them in thier place.


No.7 colours

Rainbow bright –105 Fuschia

Rainbow pastel –1101 Apricot Ice

Fresh modern – No.1 Coral Cove

On trend – 311 Pumpkin Seed

Shabby Chic –1101 Apricot Ice

Mud pie – 1902 Sandstone

Jewel – 1803 Charles

Aubergine – 1706 Allambee

Rainforest – 1203 Blue Cypress

There are a few little filler leaves throughout the fox which use colour no. 7. They are all stitched with back stitch and a little spaced back stitch in the spine.


The little whispy leaves are stitched with a teeny back stitch.


This larger fern frond-esque stem of leaves is stitched with teeny back stitch too and a few extra rows up the spine to fill it in.


happy stitching

xx Katie

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