Colour No.8

Hellloooo foxy people. What a month it has been in my little world. We’ve had the AQM – Australian Quilt Market. It was absolute madness at CGT headquarters in preparation for our only wholesale market of the year. This is the first year of my role change since having Dottie just over a year ago from admin/all the other bits and pieces to marketing/product developement. This is the first time we have gone to the AQM with a plan and a lot more furniture – note to self: next year we’re hiring a truck! We did provide some entertainment to onlookers when playing car tetris, while having quite the giggle ourselves. I had a picture of the booth scribbled out in greylead on a piece of paper, but every detail mapped out in my mind. It was a very successful weekend and the stand out was of course, inky stitches. Here are some photos of the booth…



With barely a minute to unpack our bags (and the car!) we had my brother’s wedding the following saturday. Set in a little church at Mardan, 15 minutes from our little town of Mirboo North with the reception at the Mardan hall. The entire wedding was charming, romantic and magical, the only way a small country wedding can be. Here are a couple of happy snaps ( shhhh I pinched the first dance photo from the brides facebook page, I hope she doesn’t mind)


And now back to regular programming…

No.8 colours

Rainbow bright –608 Sea Change

Rainbow pastel –907 Crocus

Fresh modern – 312 Butterbean

On trend – 1108 Mill Rose

Shabby Chic –1101 Apricot Ice

Mud pie – 1902 307 Dandelion

Jewel – 705 Burgundy

Aubergine – No.1 Misty Morning

Rainforest – 803 Pea Soup

The two leaves on the left hand side of the tail are stitched first with satin stitch for the solid lines within the leaves, then stem stitch the spine and outline. Remember that the little inward stitches on the outline are just a little straight stitch.


The lovely little wavy leaves on the hind leg are stitched in the same way as a few we have already stitched in previous installments. Stitch the backstitch first, it’s much easier to stitch the stem stitched lines after the backstitch. Say that ten times really fast!!!


Lastly for colour 8 is this single little leaf stitched with stem stitch for the outline and spaced backstitch for the dashed line of the spine.


Happy Stitching


2 thoughts on “Colour No.8

  1. Amanda Murray says:

    Wow! The stand looks amazing. I wish I could have been there. I think I would have spent hours there. So much to look at. So little time, so many projects I’d like to do with those threads!
    Congrats to your brother and his lovely wife. There’s some rockin’ beards there 😊😊😊
    Your fox is looking so good now. Mine’s a little further behind – but getting there.
    Thanks so much.
    Amanda 😊


    • Katie Dawson says:

      Thank you Amanda. The great thing about threads is that they won’t go off so it’s never a waste regardless of how long they sit there! The men in my family are certainly blessed with the facial hair gene!


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