Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose, we all clap hands together (and then sip wine) Last day of school yesterday, can you tell?

Here we are at the end of the stitchy bits for the foxy stitchalong. At this point I think you’re all familiar with my sense of humour and will appreciate how funny I find it that mixing up the words of inky stitches, gives you stinky itches! Which has even come out of my mouth by accident once or twice. Not only am I uncoordinated physically, I can be quite unco verbally.

Once you have finished the fox, then comes the exciting part of what he will become. You could make a cushion to be cuddled and loved, which I will be showing you how to do in a tutorial, he could be framed to sit proudly on a wall or put into a quilt to adorn a bed. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, for the stitchy bits may be nearing an end but I must keep a little something up my sleeve.


Rainbow bright –1606 Butterfly

Rainbow pastel –1109 Petunia

Fresh modern – 1202 Dark Yew

On trend – 709 Tool Shed

Shabby Chic –2201 Tinkerbell

Mud pie – 305 Gumnut

Jewel – 416 waterwheel

Aubergine – 807 Silver Birch

Rainforest – 1206 Lyrebird walk

We begin with the ears which are stitched with back stitch for the diagonal lines and stem stitch for the outlines and center line.


The eye is stitched with stem stitch for the sideways V shape, two little straight stitches for the top eyelashes, single wrap french knots for the dots sitting under the eye and satin stitch for the eye itself, going in a horizontal direction. The nose is also stitched with satin stitch but going in a vertical direction.


Happy stitching and see you soon for the exciting reveal of the contents of my sleeve (I promise it’s not a hanky)