It’s no secret that I am completely biased when it comes to thread choice. I’m sure those threads of CGT that strangely disappear while I’m stitching have found their way into my system and bonded to the strands of my DNA. Or, they are most likely stuck to my bum. Either way, they are a part of me and I like to think I’m a big part of Cottage Garden Threads too. What began as my Mum’s baby has now become mine too. In a completely non incesty kind of way.

We make a great team, my Mum and I. She is grounded, determined, like a tree taking root and holding firm against the wind blowing in all directions. No matter what threatens to blow her down, she stands strong and continues to grow. I am a bit of a dreamer, a thinker, the seeds of the tree that catch the wind and flit about here and there seeking new ground and new ideas, only possible because I am let free to be carried away by inspiration.

Whenever you thread your needle with CGT, know that you are stitching with strands of pure love. The kind of immeasurable love that exists between a Mother and a daughter. Even when the winds are inspiring change and the tree doesn’t like change very much.

So if you haven’t yet stitched with CGT, get some in your needle and feel the love.

Here is a little clip detailing some of the features of CGT and how to use the nifty packaging.



Weaveline is my preferred stabilizer for stitching. There are other stabilizers on the market that are very similar feeling to dressmakers interfacing. Weaveline differs from these because it is woven rather than made from compressed fibres like felt. These give me the heebiejeebies when they catch on my burred fingertips during a good session of stitching. Another benefit of being a woven fabric is the fine, even texture and thickness which gives the finished stitchery a flat look as opposed to a puffy quilted look.

Here is a little video on using weaveline.




Shabby Chic

Here we are at the tail end of the colour ways and what a pretty tail end we have. Like the cottontail on a sweet little bunny, these colours are adorably soft.

Have you decided which fox you’re going to stitch? I hope I’ve made it a little easier for you to decide or maybe you’ve made your own selections from the 222 CGT colour range.

Images found on pinterest: pretty things jars teacups

The stitched sample of Shabby Chic is almost ready but I wanted to show you all of the options now, just in case you need to see them all before you decide which colours you’d like to stitch with.

Shabby Chic crop

Shabby Chic.jpg

805 Tea Rose

1101 Apricot Ice

905 Lambs Ear

2201 Tinkerbell

2206 Snowdrop

800 Sage

109 Katie’s Blush

2101 Bluebell


They say blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between. I say frog shit, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Just check out the following fine examples of exactly why blue and green should put on some Barry White and get all touchy feely.

Images found on pinterest: macaroon  oil painting decor


rainforest threads.jpg

Two threads used in Rainforest are yet to be photographed. They are No.1 Rolling stone and No.1 Lichin

1203 Blue Cypress

210 Tropic Sea

310 Carrot Seed

416 Water Wheel

803 Pea Soup

1206 Lyrebird Walk


The Jewel colour way is an opulent blend of intense pigments to bring out your inner royal. Bring out the good china, the Queen’s coming to dinner. On second thought, bring out the paper plates so the Queen doesn’t have to do the dishes!

Images found on pinterest: flowers bird  decor

Image of stitched sample will be added soon

jewel thread and sample


416 Water Wheel

705 Burgundy

916 Granny Bonnet

Zinnia No.1

1206 Lyrebird Walk

1803 Charles

307 Dandelion

1202 Dark Yew

On Trend

On trend is the new trendy. This colour way is not trendy. Trendy belongs with hip and happening. On trend belongs in a cafe, sipping lattes while clunking on a vintage typewriter and fiddling with filters on instagram. On trend is a collab (that’s on trend for collaboration) of colours I’m seeing and loving in fashion, textiles and decor.

Images found on pinterest: fashion decor textiles 

on trend thread and sample


317 Smoke Bush

807 Silver Birch

1104 Sweet Melon

709 Tool Shed

1203 Blue Cypress

1108 Mill Rose

311 Pumpkin Seed

2406 Duckling

Mud Pie

No matter where we are on earth, we all have the same thing under our feet. From sandy loams, sticky clays to silty soils. They all make mud pies and if you’ve never squelched mud through your fingers and felt at one with nature, I urge you to grab the nearest child for guise (borrow one if you don’t own one, I have a few) and go outside, find the nearest patch of bare earth and make a big fat mud pie. It’s therapeutic. You know what else is therapeutic, stitching. Channel your inner mud squelching child with the Mud Pie colour way and there will be no need to explain to the neighbours why you’re interfering with the pot plants.

Images found on Pinterest: spools gemstone suitcases 

Mud Pie thread and sample

Mud Pie

305 Gumnut

313 Compost

1902 Sandstone

1903 Marble

1904 Pebble

1906 Clay

315 Tea Party

307 Dandelion


We are going to slow things down with this moody mix, like a slow dance at a blue light disco, minus the pash rash (that’s a whole other colour way).

Photo credit L to R: flowers paint  knits

Aubergine thread and sample


*Misty morning No.1

1706 Allambee

807 Silver Birch

914 African Violet

1203 Blue Cypress

812 Eggplant

411 Grand Ridge

904 Hellebore

9*These threads are from the Stitchers Palette pack which is usually sold as a set of 4. They can be ordered especially for this kit as individual threads because I know people in high places. It just means that you won’t find them on the shelf at your local CGT stockist, they will need to order them in for you.